How can belief systems become a barrier to positive change?

Let us define principles, values, morals, and genetics.  

Principals-Fundamental assumption or guiding belief. A form of discipline. To take hold of- Basic assumption- Moral laws created from the thoughts of men for population control and predictions. Programming one to behave, believe, and carry out specific preplanned actions. 

Values- One's reputation of themselves. To think highly of something, desire what you don't have. Something honored as great importance to the thinker: self-esteem, evaluation from others. 

Morals- Programmed behavior of humans in society. What humans perceive as right or wrong behavior. Anything designed to teach, influence, and manipulate human behavior. Emotional conditioning is based on an outside stimulus—a prefix system of human conduct. 

Genetics -Numbers and letters that are used to express algorithms associated with how living organisms think, feel, and behave daily.  

 How can belief systems become a barrier to positive change?

Principles, morals, values, genetics, and belief systems create the conscious mind. Every human being's foundation derives from what they assume to be true. What makes each principle, moral, and belief system truth attaches to the thought process, emotions, and feedback from others with similar or identical points of view. Your genetic code dominates your ability to perceive, comprehend, and understand. The condition-conscious mind cannot comprehend values, principles, and belief systems opposite from its own.  

Many have questioned why they remain in the same discomforting condition despite wanting to change. When individuals desire to change, and change does not occur, it is time to question, re-evaluate, and alter your principles, morals, and values. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. If your principles, morals, and values are kept the same, you will get the same outcome while expecting different. The authoritative figure that stimulates your emotions influences your thoughts and causes you to behave based on impulse stems from your principles, morals, and values.  

The condition-conscious mind is developed based on nurture and natureMany are unaware that words and emotions are in a relationship yet function differently. Emotions are defined as invisible stimulations and influences that cause physical activities to be carried out based on gratifying impulses. Words are an arrangement of letters used to express the action of emotions. Words are not actions but expressions of what is emotionally felt.  

People want to do better with their words yet cannot accommodate or alter their emotional state by expressing words alone. Many use the term the world is in chaos. Earth itself would be perfect if you removed every human being. There is something called the unconscious negative mind embodied in the human psyche, soul, and genes that creates chaos in the world. It is time to focus on the root of humanity's problem to alleviate destruction from themselves and each other.  

It's not until we understand nothing outside of us is problematic unless forced, but the human psyche inside us influences chaotic behavior. The unconscious negative mind is rarely taught. Individuals are more attached to speaking positively but cannot produce action that alters their negative unconscious mind, allowing change to occur.