Naomi brings several skills and attributes to the field of coaching. First, she had to detach from everything outside her to define everything inside. This action was the root of identity development. After years of bad decision-making, addictions, and attachments to emotionally self-destructive people, Naomi did a self-reflection. Nothing outside of us should define what's inside. Putting this action into practice made her a living testimony of identity development. 

Her ability to speak with elegance while displaying experience, education, and passion for helping others determines what skills she can bring to the field. The goal is to help individuals uncover their true potential and live life. Assisting people to make radical improvements in their life is my focus. I provide support and guidance as a life coach transforming the issues that stand in the way of human beings achieving their goals. I put people in a position to transition: whether they want help achieving a specific outcome or desire to eliminate problematic areas. I help them get there much faster.

Written by: Master Level Life Coach Naomi Hobbs