How To Control Your Emotions

                                                    How To Control Your Emotions?

The masses of individuals are unaware of their control to react or ignore emotions. Whenever you experience emotional discomfort due to outside occurrences, examine the feeling and its root cause. Your emotions are tied to your thought process and manifest what you think. When you experience emotional discomfort, allow time before carrying out the behavior. The time you allow to examine your emotions stops you from immediately responding harshly.

Based on nurture and nature, many of us abruptly respond based on our emotional state. Immediately responding to others based on your emotions causes future regret, physical harm, and shame. No one ever taught you how to bypass or emotionally detach. Emotional detachment allows you to experience discomfort while not responding. There is no magical pill that numbs your emotions.

Therefore, you must take responsibility for the emotional state you are experiencing. You either learn how to control your discomfort, or your emotions will control you. Many individuals make horrible life decisions based on brief emotions. You say to yourself, only if I made the right decision despite how I felt. Overall, emotional control is harnessing your discomfort despite the pressure to react.

The outcome of your day relies on your emotional condition. Controlling your emotions throughout the day is a form of emotional intelligence. No matter the scenario outside of you, you can have great days. The root problem is not what's on the outside of us. It's our emotional discomfort on the inside that dictates our lives.

Written by: Master Level Life Coach Naomi Hobbs