The Power of Words

                                                                  What are words? 

Words are substances like physical objects. The root of words is to perform or carry out behaviors. Spoken words are attached to energy, matter, thoughts, your inner dialogue, emotions, and images. Words create an emotional impulse. The power of words is invisible energy that causes a visible reaction. Words are invisible and manifest emotional pain. Words are impactful due to emotional attachment. Emotional attachment involves people, places, and things.

The human soul is particles, energy, matter, spirit, character, and thoughts. When words project out of the mouth, it carries out energy and emotional outbursts from the hearer. Energy is the foundation of sustained physical and mental conditions. The entire universe derives from energy. Energy is within you and around you. Words are energy and produce an effect. Words are chemicals sent out to arouse the mind. Based on words, you can cause the listener pain or happiness. The substance of words is in your DNA.

Scientists discovered that energy within you is attached to genetics, the earth, and environmental living. When words are spoken, you have injected emotions and thoughts toward the listener. Your soul is the voice you hear when the mouth is closed. Humans listen to themselves without verbally speaking. Without the soul, the physical body dies.

The difference between each soul relies on your religious beliefs and upbringing. We now understand words are energy, thoughts, character, emotions, mental images, and your inner dialogue. Comprehending these undeniable facts show how words activate emotions. Please be aware of what you're watching, listening to daily, your communication with negative people, and attachments to outside sources. People's words influence your emotional condition. Understanding the power of words is the beginning of mental and physical self-awareness.

Written By: Master level life coach Naomi Hobbs