The side effects of attachment.

Are you aware of the consequences involved with emotional attachment?

We must first define the word attachment. Attachment is the arrest of a person, place, or thing that takes personal-emotionally glued together-control of another- to adjust oneself voluntarily to others- attachment binds a person- takes one into custody, and takes on another's emotional state as your own. Now that we understand attachment, society voluntarily attaches itself to people, places, and things that create emotional pain and discomfort.

Why are humans attached to people, places, and things?
Humans are attached to everything created by thoughts. Human thoughts are energy. The energy that flows throughout the universe is within every human being. The same energy is attached to words, emotions, thoughts, images, inner dialogues, and behaviors. So, how can an invisible word cause emotional pain and suffering? When a word comes from the mouth, it gives off energy. 

The same energy penetrates the emotions of the listener. Things you listen to become part of you. All human beings' problems stem from the inability to understand the unconscious mind. Many were not taught how to control their impulses. Therefore, individuals respond to everything inside and outside of them. 

The thoughts of humans speak to them within. The emotional part of people is attached to the unconscious mind. Society was born consciously aware. Being consciously aware means you know you exist, your occupation, physical location, parents, and date of birth. The conscious mind does not comprehend your emotional state, thoughts, thinking patterns, or behavior. 

The masses have no idea what's happening inside them to make their actions and reactions explode. The unconscious mind is where you experience emotional impulses and pain. The unconscious mind is in control of your emotions and behavior. Some people speak of change yet are unable to make the transition. The unconscious mind is an example of wanting a change yet being unaware of how to make a change due to the unconscious mind. 

The unconscious mind will eventually take over life in a conscious state. For example, look at the news; the world is hostile because beings cannot control their emotions. It is impossible to control your emotional impulses if you have no idea what they are.   

Written by: Master-level life coach Naomi Hobbs.