The Conflict Within

The majority desire to do better but need help to manifest the positive changes they want to make. You announce what you expect with your words but cannot meet your own expectations with your actions. The only things that stand in the way of individuals becoming the best version of themselves are their negative unconscious thought processes and negative emotions. Humanity will never accommodate the positive changes it desires if no one takes responsibility for its thoughts and the discomforting emotions attached. You will remain mentally unstable when continuously blaming everything outside you for functioning in psychological discomfort. 

You are the biggest barrier to the changes you yearn to make. It is time to look within and understand the difference between your positive, conscious mind and negative unconscious mind. The better you understand what you are battling against, the more you can alter and control your life for the better. I want to explain to you what you're fighting against. You are experiencing a conflict within. For the first time, you will have an idea of the two within one. I will explain the difference between the positive conditioned conscious mind and the negative unconscious mind. 

The positive, conscious mind is your inner voice. It sounds like you. The conscious mind is the part of you that physically know you exist. The conscious mind knows its physical surroundings, name, age, desires, family, occupation, memories, likes, and dislikes. Genetics, environment, principles, values, habits, and morals condition the conscious mind. The positive, conscious mind desire to do better, attempt to think positively, and long for emotional alleviation. The conscious positive mind knows the physical resources needed to live better.  

The unconscious mind is your thoughts, emotions, dreams, decisions, and behavior. The unconscious mind is primarily negative, anxious, depressed, fearful, and doubtful. The unconscious mind desires alleviation from its negative nature. The unconscious mind causes negative thoughts and emotional pain. The unconscious mind is the part of you that seeks self-gratification, leading to self-destructive behavior. The unconscious mind is irritable, and through thoughts and emotions, you are influenced to harm yourself and others if not identified. The conscious mind does not know the unconscious mind. Therefore, the unconscious mind is the authoritative figure that takes control. The unconscious negative mind dominates the positive, conscious mind by inflicting painful emotions, negative thoughts, and unbearable negative impulses.   

Now that we have a better understanding of the conflict the mind presents. We can take control of our lives by living in opposition to negative thoughts, doubts, and fears that are subtitles of the unconscious negative mind. People question why they remain in toxic relationships, keep making bad decisions, and cannot become a better version of themselves. Next time you ask these questions, remember you have a negative unconscious mind and a positive conditioned aware mind that genetically creates your mental state. You no longer have to live your life controlled by your negative unconscious mind. Let me help you take control and live the fulfilling life you desire.    

Written By: Mirian Hobbs Master Level Life Coach/Clinician