What Does Freedom Of Speech Mean

Freedom is the entitlement to express your thoughts, principles, values, and belief system despite the masses' disagreement.  

We live in a world where your unique thought process is considered irrational or rational to the hearer. Yet, every human being is born with thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions are storage space. Humanity's thoughts and emotions store principles, values, morals, memories, and learned behaviors. When you meet someone who does not share the same morals, principles, and values, your unconscious mind has already put up a defense. 

You begin to feel emotional discomfort. The conscious human mind gradually begins to persuade other individuals with different morals and values of its worldview. 
Every living organism believes its thoughts, experiences, worldview, and learned behavior are more substantial than its counterpart. Principles, morals, values, genetic DNA, and belief systems create and condition the conscious mind. Human beings' foundation derives from what they assume to be true. 

What makes each principle, moral, and belief system true to the thinker is attached to their thought process, emotions, and feedback from others with similar or identical points of view. Your genetic code dominates your ability to perceive, comprehend, and understand. The condition-conscious mind finds it challenging to comprehend values, principles, and belief systems opposite from its own. Society does not advertise the importance of each living organism having the right to express, discuss, or demonstrate its point of view. Every rule, command, and doctrine is developed from the thought process of humans. 

Today, when someone expresses a different opinion from their counterpart, they're labeled as offending others. Slavery is defined as being unable to express your thoughts, ideas, and imagination despite being different from the masses. Dictators want everyone to function and accommodate their rules, thought processes, and instructions despite others having their own. Understanding that you are entitled to express your thoughts, ideas, and opinions makes you more aware that others can do the same. In conclusion, people without emotional intelligence react negatively to principles, values, and belief systems differently than their own. People silence others because they were not taught to respond without being offended, angry, or irritated. Effective communication consists of two people conversing and expressing their thought processes and ideas despite the difference of opinion. 

Below are a few ideas that will help you become more aware, emotionally intelligent, and effective in communicating with individuals whose worldviews differ from yours.   

1. Understand that everyone must not abide by your principles, morals, and belief system.

2. every living organism can question or reject your worldviews.

3. Learn not to react negatively to emotional discomfort when others reject or question your personal, physical, or spiritual beliefs.

4. Understand to others that your principles, morals, and values are considered opinions unless proven factual.