What does it mean to take responsibility for your own genetically encoded emotions?

What does it mean to take responsibility for your own genetically encoded emotions?

For humanity to take responsibility for their emotions, they must understand where emotions derive from. According to science, emotions are experienced upon birth. Understanding that emotions are experienced before we are conscious of our physical surroundings proves we are responsible for our emotional state. According to neuroscientist research, A baby becomes mentally and physically conscious between two and five months old. Reflection: Babies are born with emotions but are unaware of their physical surroundings. 

In analogy, babies are not conscious of blaming anything outside them for the negative and positive emotions experienced upon birth. Therefore, as adults, individuals refuse to admit, take responsibility, question, and self-reflect on why they're experiencing emotional pain. Due to genetics and environmental factors, you've been programmed to believe everything outside of you is the cause of your emotional discomfort and life problems. It's your thought process that causes you emotional pain. How can we blame others for what we are genetically born with? 
Example: Someone tells you you are ugly. 

The sentence itself causes emotional discomfort. The sentence causes emotional discomfort because words, energy, and thoughts are connected. Now, you were born with emotions; it's not that your ugly caused or created the emotions; someone saying you are ugly only triggered what you were already genetically embedded with. Physical stimulus does not create emotions. Physical stimulus activates the emotions you were born with. 

What can you do when you've noticed your genetically embedded emotions are triggered to react? Say to yourself, I feel the discomfort, but I don't have to react because my emotions are my own emotionally. If someone is not physically inflicting pain upon you, it is your responsibility to allow your emotional discomfort to pass without physically reacting. The next time someone causes you emotional pain due to words, remember their words are not physically hurting you but only triggering the emotions you were born with. Let us, as human beings, learn emotional detachment and emotional intelligence and learn to take responsibility for our own genetically encoded emotional triggers.

Below is a list of negative thoughts that surface when we don't take responsibility for our genetically encoded emotions.

1. Assumptions

2. Irrational thinking without any visible rational facts

3. Extreme anxiety

4. Emotional discomfort

5. Easily offended by others

6. Depression

7. Negative impulsive reactions toward others.