What is Anxiety?

                                                   What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion without facts stimulated by the thought that something bad will happen. Anxiety is an utterance that stems from the thought process produced by memory, images, and past trauma. The thought process presents two decisions without knowing which is truth, beneficial, or fact. The mind decides between the conscious and the unconscious. Anxiety is the mind's inability to comprehend, understand, or provide proof of where its emotions, inner dialogue, or utterance come from. 

Anxiety is attached to the unconscious mind that is unaware of its existence. Your thoughts are ideas, words, emotions, and energy released throughout the human genetic code. Your thoughts determine your mental condition and dictate every emotion you experience. Every human being feels anxiety. Some personal anxieties are more extreme than others. 

Anxiety displays physical symptoms such as restlessness, irritability, fatigue, muscle aches, depression, lack of concentration, and more. Below are five statements to help you understand anxiety.

  1.  Anxiety is unanswered questions with or without resources.
  2. Anxiety focuses on the past and fears the possibility of change.
  3. Anxiety thinks about what others think of it.
  4. Anxiety is the unconscious mind trying to process what it does not know or comprehend. 

Written By: Mirian Hobbs