What is self awareness?

Individuals must know that defining who they are is the key to success. Understanding yourself helps bypass triggers, distractions, and other's expectations of you. Human beings are naturally attached to people, places, and things. The masses define attachment as loveunity, and assurance. These three words keep people mentally bound, emotionally discomforted, and unable to complete life tasks. 

Humans were raised and conditioned by outside sources. The average entity spends their entire life unconscious and controlled by their emotions, thoughts, inner dialogue, environment, and society. It is impossible to define who you are when you only know what is outside. Time does not go backward but only moves forward. Many have examined their life and realized nothing was complete. 

Living life without completing anything gives birth to discomforting emotions. The emotions attached to the inability to complete assignments are shameguiltfear of successdoubt, depression, dependency on others, and anxiety. Self-aware people complete assignments, manifest success and attract what their heart desires. Building a foundation means taking the time to examine yourself. Individuals have attached themselves mostly to everything outside. 

Attachment to outside sources cripples you from defining who you are. Self-awareness helps you understand the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is your emotions, thoughts, inner dialogue, and images. Your thought process is your worst critic. The world experiences discomforting emotions based on their negative thought process. 

Everyone wants success, happiness, financial stability, and unconditional love. Ask yourself what is inside of you that makes you feel in opposition to your desired happiness. How can your words display happiness, but your thoughts process negativity? The answer is the unconscious mind. You have no idea the control your unconscious mind has over you. Society is collectively conscious. Collectively conscious means you know your existence and the things around you. 

The disclaimer of being collectively conscious does not help you understand and control the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind controls 99.9 percent of your existence. The barrier to your success is you. The one percent you operate in is conscious awareness. You must answer the questions below to have self-awareness. 

Your entire life is controlled by a part of you that is unknown. If you can answer the questions below, you have defined who you are, what you want, and the tools and techniques to get it. Remember that your religion, occupation, and associates do not define who you are. 

  1. Who are you?
  2. What is your life purpose?
  3. What tools and techniques have you obtained to complete your life task? 

 Written by: Mirian Hobbs